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Super Shrink & Anti-Static

Installer’s Dream Come True. Not too many years ago the idea of using hot air from a heat gun to shrink car window film for a better fit was unheard of. Today this installation process is widely used and refined into a technique that many dealers have mastered. Of course, how well the process works also depends on the film you use. Choosing an auto window film that is specifically designed to heat-shrink easily can make a world of difference.

All Global automotive window films feature our patented Super Shrink technology. In addition, they include unique Anti-Static properties. The combination of these features provides dealers with effortless dry-shrinking and promotes cleaner installations. Just give it a try to see what you’ve been missing.

Super Shrink technology

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Anti Static

PLOTTER FRIENDLYOur exclusive Anti-Static™ properties make Global window films less likely to attract dust and dirt during installation and are perfect for plotters, no matter what kind you have.


Best Dealer Marketing Support

Window Film Marketing SupportWe know What You Need To Succeed. While other manufacturers are cutting back on service center locations, dealer support and marketing, Global is going all out for you. We offer you a full array of attractive, effective marketing materials that make Global films as easy to sell as they are to install.


From Polymers to Packaging

Global is in a class apart from all other auto window film companies because all Global window films are produced in a state-of-the-art facility with ISO certification through a single-source, vertically integrated manufacturing process.

Simply put, that means Global makes just about everything that goes into their window films, from the base petrochemical intermediate (DMT) right down to the finished products – from polymers to packaging, Global makes it all. That’s a claim no other car window film manufacturer can make.

Most important to you, vertical integration allows Global to maintain complete control over the entire manufacturing process, virtually eliminating outsourcing to ensure the highest quality products for total dealer, installer and consumer satisfaction.

Global window films are manufactured in a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art facility that makes their own raw materials, polymers and polyester films to produce high quality window films for cars.

Because of this vertical integration, Global has full control of the complete manufacturing process right down to the polyester chips—which no other auto window film manufacturer has.

Vertical Integration means Global films are of the highest quality available and that is what your business needs and your customers want.

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