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Nano Fusion Paint Protection FilmNano-Fusion Protection™ is a patent pending film technology that makes existing topcoats obsolete.

A topcoat is a layer of generally stiffer material laminated to a flexible urethane film base. Current topcoats make PPFs more difficult to install and weather poorly over time. There can be separation at the boundary, causing crazing and stress cracking, which really affects the appearance.

Nano-Fusion Technology infuses the urethane film with clear penetrating protection. Nano-Fusion PPF is more conformable, easier to install, retains its gloss, and resists yellowing and cracking better than other films on the market.

The proof is provided by the best warranty in the business: Nano-Fusion Protection is backed by a Limited "Life Time" Warranty.


Super Shrink & Anti-Static

Installer’s Dream Come True. Not too many years ago the idea of using hot air from a heat gun to shrink car window film for a better fit was unheard of. Today this installation process is widely used and refined into a technique that many dealers have mastered. Of course, how well the process works also depends on the film you use. Choosing anauto window film that is specifically designed to heat-shrink easily can make a world of difference.

1. Can the clear paint protection film be removed?

Yes. The protection film is designed as a semi-permanent application, but can easily be removed if desired from any OEM painted surface. For removal of the film, simply heat the surface to approximately 150°F and begin by working a corner of the film with your fingernail. After you have enough film to hold onto, pull the film slowly away from the surface. If any adhesive remains, simply use any adhesive cleaner that is safe for the surface and wipe clean with a soft cloth. If any sections are known to have been repainted, extreme caution should be taken on those areas during removal.

2. Can I see a line where the film stops?

A slight line is barely visible at certain angles where the protection film stops.

3. How hard is it to see the paint protection film after it is applied?

The film is over 99.5% clear. On any color darker than bright white, you can’t see the film. On a stark white car, you can see less than 0.5% of color, which is from the adhesive. So, it is practically invisible.

4. How long will it last, when will I have to replace it?

The Nano Fusion Film as a limited lifetime warranty to the original consumer. Frequent washing and application of high quality automotive spray waxes similar to the care of your car's painted surface is recommended.

5. Will the paint fade differently under the paint protection film than the rest of the car?

No. The protective film’s material contains UV inhibitors to prevent the protective film from reacting to the sun’s rays, but still allows a certain amount to filter through the material and onto the surface to let the paint “age” with the rest of the vehicle.

6. What if I go through a car wash, or have the car waxed?

You can do anything to the material that you normally do to a car’s finish. Frequent washing and waxing will only prolong and enhance the beauty of the product. Yes, the material will accept wax and polishes just as the paint does and will last longer with regular applications.

7. What if I encounter wax build-up around the edges?

Use a soft, damp cloth, Q-tip, or soft brush to remove any wax build-up that may occur around the paint protection film.

8. Will it really stop rocks from chipping the car?

Yes. The material was originally designed to stop chips on rotor blades and airplane propellers. It is much easier for the product to protect your vehicle’s paint than a propeller moving at nearly the speed of sound.

9. What does the warranty cover?

The premium Nano Fusion paint protection film product is warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship, and will resist yellowing and cracking resulting from UV exposure. Limitation of remedies and liabilities are solely restricted to the original purchaser.

10. What should I consider when installing film on repainted surfaces?

Repainted surfaces can be a touchy subject as it is not as durable as the factory finish. Factory finishes are baked onto the surface at 350+ degrees which allows a much harder surface and better cohesion bond. Repainted surfaces can be baked only at 150 degrees to prevent damage to the vehicles components and therefore the surface can be more susceptible to lifting, however, if it is a quality job then the burden of concern should not be so much.

Matte Paint Protection Film
A unique look for a variety of applications.

Top Quality
Specially formulated 6 mil film with 1.2 mil of adhesive. Download the product spec sheet.

5-Year Warranty
Any failure due to material issues and manufacturing processes are covered.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction… no conditions, no fine print. If you aren’t happy, neither are we. We will install the highest grade quality paint protection films that provide maximum coverage utilizing PROFORM computer cut designs that ensure a skin tight fit to protect your investment from rock chips and road debris keeping your painted finish looking new.
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