Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection for Cars

Why PRO-TECT Film?
PRO-TECT Film uses a patent pending clear paint protection film technology that protects against: stones, bug acid, winter salt, sand, minor impacts, road debris, scratches, etc.

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Window Tinting

Window Tint

Why Use Ceramic Tint?

Using Ceramic Window Film reduces glare and protects you, your passengers and your car’s interior from the sun’s roasting heat and damaging UV rays.

Ceramic Films offer a cooler interior, with cooler upholstery, and greater driving comfort. We offer only high quality films installed by experienced technicians. Our films are guaranteed not to fade, bubble, peel or crack for as long as you own your car.

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Dealer Program

Dealer Program

Join Our Dealer Networ

Join Our Paint Protection Film Worldwide Dealer Network

Our worldwide dealer network is proof of our continued commitment to nurture the growth and stability of our dealers. Backed by years of experience in the paint protection film industry, rest assured your business will perform successfully. We offer dealer support throughout all your business operations including marketing, inventory, installation, and warranty. Our friendly staff will help your business every step of the way.

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Paint Protection Film - Protective Film for Cars | PRO-TECT FILM Las Vegas



PRO-TECT Film is a world wide leader in paint protection film and window tint based in Las Vegas. Along with providing the best prices on PPF we also offer training to become a certified paint protection film installer. Our Dealer Program gives you the competitive pricing on the films you need for your business.

PRO-TECT FILM Distributing, Inc. is a Master Distributor for Nano-Fusion™ and Paint Protection Film products. PRO-TECT Film specializes in distribution, marketing, and installation of Nano-Fusion™ and Clear Paint Protection Film for the automotive aftermarket. Our in-depth knowledge of clear urethane film and installation of these products allow us to lead the industry with customer service, installation support, product support, and price.

PRO-TECT FILM Distributing, Inc. was founded in early 2004 in Las Vegas, NV. 

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