Satin Paint Protection Film Installation- 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

Las Vegas Clear Bra

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT R is a racing car with street legal credentials and the nickname “the Beast from the Green Hell” after the Nürburgring track where the engineers developed it at AMG (Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach -Aufrecht’s birth town). The GT R was made to be a track car, designed to look like a show car and the owners of this specific beauty had brought it in and asked us to make sure that it gets completely protected to remain a timeless. 

After much research the client decided on a matte finish paint protection film, XPEL STEALTH. STEALTH film is placed over your vehicles matte or gloss paint giving your vehicle the “straight from the factory-flat Satin look of luxury. There is no need to worry any longer about swirls, scratches or rock chips, because with self-healing paint protection film, all you need to buff out imperfections that happen, is the heat of the sun.

Whether you have a Mercedes Benz, Ferrari or Lambo or perhaps a Land Rover, F150 or Nissan Altima- if you care about keeping your vehicle looking good today, tomorrow and for years to come-take a moment to think about clear-bra paint protection film. Paint Protection Film is cheaper than a vehicle paint job, retains the value of your vehicle and allows you to drive without worrying about road debris scratching or nicking your car.

Clear Bra Protection gives you the freedom to just drive and when you choose XPEL Las Vegas you are guaranteeing a perfect fit from a film that easily conforms to every contour of the vehicle giving a skin-tight fit to the surface.

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