Ferrari 458 Gets Clear Bra Car Protection

Ferrari 458 Gets Clear Bra Car Protection

PRO-TECT Film can help with any clear bar car installation

The Ferrari 458 is a popular visitor to our facility and loves being wrapped in our clear bar protective film which offers the vehicle protection for vulnerable painted surfaces. Our clear bra protection prevents nasty rock chips and damage from road debris. Our in house technicians meticulously applied the clear bra car film to the entire front end and also the rocker panels, carbon fiber skirts, door handles/door cups and many other high impact areas.

A clear bra can protect your car from stone scrapes, bug acids, winter salt, sand, minor impacts, road debris and scratches.  By applying clear bra car protection to your vehicle you can increase the life of your paint and add value to your new car purchase.  Our most popular clear bra car application is our full coverage, which covers the entire hood, entire fenders, mirrors, front bumper, head lights and fog lights.

We use Nano-Fusion Protection Film™.  This patent pending material provides some of the best protection for your cars painted surface.  Nano-Fusion Technology infuses the urethane film with clear penetrating polymer protection. This technology makes it easier to achieve the desired appearance on applications and also retain its gloss for many years to come.  It also resists yellowing and cracking better than other films on the market.

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By Michael Mayall

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