How Paint Protection Film Came To Be

By Michael Mayall

Paint Protection Film (also known as ‘clearbra’) was first developed back in Desert Storm to protect the rotary blades of helicopters and airplanes from damage due to harsh sand particles. The technology eventually carried over into the automobile industry and is used to protect vulnerable areas of painted surfaces from this same type of damage.

EPA mandates from the government for automotive paints have accelerated the need for paint protection film to protect the paint from rock chips.

Customers have traditionally relied on vinyl car bras or plastic bug shields as a means to protect the front impact areas of their vehicles. Realizing there is now an alternative with our invisible protective film that will not alter the manufacturers intended design, more customers are having the clear bra applied to the front impact areas of their vehicles to maintain that new showroom appearance.

This technologically advanced paint protection film manufactured by Fortune 500 companies such as Avery Dennison and 3M is most commonly applied to the hood, fenders, mirrors, lights, bumper and other high impact areas of the vehicle to protect from rock chips, bug acids and other road debris that would otherwise destroy the painted finish.

The paint protection film is warranted against yellowing, cracking and fading. Improvements to the product have evolved to provide higher clarity and more seamless applications thanks to computer cut designs and professional certified installers that yield a truly invisible finished product. Our film manufacturers have continued to advance adhesive and coating technologies to provide the customer with the best performing paint protection film in the marketplace.

PRO-TECT Film has the strongest warranty in the industry by offering a lifetime warranty on the clear bra product. Certified installers are available to apply the protective film nationwide.

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