Paint Protection Film Care Made Easy

  • Ultra Polish for your clear bra
  • Cleans & revitalizes paint protection film
  • Dries clear and streak-free
  • Protects against smudges & abrasions
  • Includes microfiber cloth
  • Instructions on how to maintain the clear bra
  • Warranty card

Spray_PolishOur polish was designed to be used with our ‘care package’ for the consumer and is an easy to use product to keep any paint protection film looking new year round without the excess smudging and wiping other products cause. PRO-TECT Film Polish is both easy to use and apply, helping to keep the surface clean while leaving a high gloss non-stick finish. PRO-TECT Film Polish is noted for its ease of application and nice glossy streak-free finish it leaves behind.

Using PRO-TECT Film Polish frequently between washes and wipe downs will help to eliminate dirt build up along the edges and ensure maximum performance of your paint protection film.

Our care package eliminates common questions most often asked by customers. “When can I wash my car? What can I clean my car with? What type of waxes or products can I use on my paint protection film? Etc.” By offering a total care package, we remove the headache from the equation and offer a simple solution to all of the questions the customer usually has. Additionally you eliminate potentially harmful products from being used on the film that can be detrimental.

Our care package offers value that customers will take note of and see how serious we take both our business and the care we give the paint protection film product. Many customers come back stating how well the product works and how much they like the package we offer. Our care package includes our PRO-TECT Film Polish, a microfiber cloth, detailed care instructions and warranty card all sealed in an airtight bag.
Educating our customers is key so they understand how to properly care for their paint protection film. All too many times I get asked, “after the product is installed, how will the paint protection film look 5 or 7 years from now?”. The product will perform to it’s fullest potential if it is given the proper care according to the manufacturers care/maintenance procedures. We provide a care/maintenance package with each application we perform to help provide a simple guide as to how to properly care for your paint protection film product.

We recommend to use our PRO-TECT Film Spray Polish after every wash as a final step to care for the paint protection film product. Keep in mind that bird droppings, tree sap, bug acids, mineral deposits from hard water, and acid rain (to name a few) can potentially damage the painted surface so these will need to be removed immediately to avoid any potential negative effects by flushing the area with warm water and a soft wash mit then dried with a soft chamois or micro fiber cloth. The surface should be cool to the touch before attempting to clean the surface. Remember, the job of the film is to protect the surface beneath it and your job is to care for both.