PRO-TECT Film used in the Silver State Classic

PRO-TECT Film used in the Silver State Classic

This is Mr. Vic’s Supercharged Corvette with over 650 HP at the rear wheels and will be competing in the Silver State Classic Race. It’s “tech’d” at 165 mph but will maintain a constant speed of 135 mph with our product on his car! Mr. Vic has the Full Hood/Full Fender, Bumper, and Headlights pro-tected on his vehicle and this will be his 3rd race with the film in a years time. Mr. Vic said, “I am impressed with how well the PRO-TECT product holds up at these speeds and not one chip on the front of my vehicle!” We wish Mr. Vic the best of luck and will post his race results next week.



The Silver State Classic is a popular race and Mr. Vic says there have been 2 cars flown in from out of the country to compete in this race.

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