PRO-TECT FILM vs Competition

We hear it all too many times…’I can get it cheaper from the other guy’.  Well below are some pictures to show you what the ‘other guys’ work looks like.

Our certified installers align and apply the film properly giving an ultra tight fit around contoured areas and tight spots using computer generated parts from  The finished result is a distortion free application that our technicians can deliver because they have mastered the art of applying paint protection film. You can see this inexperienced installer’s work where the film ends leaving a large gap under the headlight and plenty of exposed paint to be chipped.  This is due to a poor skill set displayed by the installer unable to get the film to properly conform to the painted area beneath the headlight
We take the time to remove simple pieces prior to application and wrap these areas giving a seamless look and minimizing exposed paint.  When these pieces are not removed our hi tech laser cutting software system ensures nice and clean lines to compliment a perfect fit. The work around this tow hook area is clearly displayed here by a novice.  A low quality pattern lacking good fitment results in unnecessary edges being exposed.


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