The Future of Car Protection

The Future of Car Protection

Rock Chip and Stain Resistant Technology Available at PRO-TECT Film

Paint protection film products have progressed over the past decade in both their appearance and durability.  Aside from the design purpose of stopping a rock from chipping the paint, the most important function of the protection film is the ability to resist staining and discoloration.  Regardless the model of car or how much you invested in it, you and I typically want the best performing products to enhance and protect the value and appearance.

Yellowing or graying of protection films is a common problem. This discoloration primarily occurs when the pores on the surface of the material becomes clogged with debris and other contaminants.  The best way to understand is to think of the pores on your face and how they can become clogged from small particles of dust and dirt. Better manufacturing techniques now coat the surface of these films and ‘seals’ the surface preventing this discoloration.

Bug stains and other road debris can accumulate on the front end of your vehicle causing damage to your car’s paint. If you are like me, I want the paint on my car to be free of anything that would negatively affect the quality of my car’s appearance. That is why we make sure that the film being applied to your vehicle is made with superior coating technologies that resist staining of the painted surface. We have in our inventory the newer films and consistently upgrade our film inventory to provide you the best available. 

The newer films at PRO-TECT Film have superior coating technologies that help to resist staining of the surface. You can relax and enjoy a comfortable ride whether local or long distance. We took a film-protected vehicle with an application of one of these newer technology films that has this superior nano surface coating, and then a long trip and return to be exposed to hot desert sun for four weeks. We then simply used a soft wash mitt, a bucket of warm water with car soap, and a little washing action and the areas were cleaned and wiped dry with a soft micro fiber towel. You can see how the surface washed clean leaving no stains regardless the hundreds of bugs and other road debris the painted surface of the vehicle was exposed to. I can assure you that we care as much or more than you about your vehicle’s ability to maintain a showroom-ready painted surface. That is why the people at PRO-TECT Film offer a lifetime warranty and are always ready to answer your questions.


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